Improvement of energy efficiency and environmental protection


The project of energy efficiency developed in Burkina Faso between the Altadis Foundation, the Association Nafa Naana and MABUCIG has been successfully completed.

Improvement of energy efficiency and environmental protection

The Altadis Foundation ​is helping to protect the environment and improve people's lives by switching homes in rural Burkina Faso to alternate sources of energy.

The Altadis Foundation has been working on the project in one of the poorest countries in Africa with our local subsidiary Mabucig and the charity Nafa Naana.

Around 90 per cent of the population uses wood to meet the energy needs of their homes and businesses in Burkina Faso.

It's backing a scheme in the village of Kologh-Koom to tackle this by promoting eco-friendly power instead for up to 500 people.

Gas cooking stoves and solar lighting have been installed in homes so that people can improve their health and living conditions.




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