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Campaign to support Syrian refugees

SPAIN 2016

The Altadis Foundation has launched a fundraising campaign among its company's employees to support Syrian refugees

Campaign to support Syrian refugees

The situation of refugees is increasingly becoming more difficult. Good weather boosts their massive arrival to the Greak coasts in harsh conditions. Camps where they are conducted to are saturated and don't have the minimun conditions for a dignified life. 
In all, more than 50,000 people subsist in refugee camps of this country in subhuman living conditions.
Lebanon is another country that has also sheltered thousands of people. 
Needs are huge, that's why the Altadis Foundation and its company's employees have decided to support this cause that will contribute to alleviate the tragedy of so many people that believe to find a salvation in Europe.

The funds raised will be used for the purchase of essentials as well as conditioning material.



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